Cyril John May

delivers magical performances and the message of sustainability.

"Wonderful performer!  Fantastic Show!  A Must See!"  

- Priscilla DeStefano, SmartLiving Center





CJ May is the Resourcerer℠. He uses magic to entertain, educate and communicate the message of sustainability to his audiences. The strength of his performances comes from the combination of his years as an environmental professional, a magician and a storyteller. His landmark “Recycling is Magic” performance has been seen by thousands since CJ created it in 2005.   Resourcery℠, his blend of magic and message on issues of sustainability, has reached elected officials, civic organizations, and leaders in the business and environmental communities.
Learn how Cyril John learned the secret of water that bested Penn & Teller on their national "Fool Us" TV show so that he can us it to help the planet:  "Helping the Planet with Vegas Magic."
Hear Cyril John as interviewed by Bruce Gellerman on Living on Earth, public radio's environmental program.
See Cyril John's performance at Yale Forestry for an event in February 2012.
Cyril John May is available to perform and educate about a variety of environmental themes:
Recycling and Waste Management
Sustainability as Core Value of the 21st Century
Green Business Opportunities
Lead Awareness
Preservation of Open Space
Contact:  203-737-0475   cyril.may@aya.yale.edu